The Most Useful Applications For A Space Heater During Home Restoration Projects

Space heaters are very popular with campers, cabin owners, and survivalists. They can also come in handy when your home heating appliance fails and it might be a day or two before an HVAC repair technician can show up to fix the furnace. When it comes to repair and restoration projects, however, you might not think of having a space heater in the work zone. In fact, a space heater for restoration projects is exceedingly useful. Here are some of the most common applications for a space heater while restoring a home. 

Drying out Floors and Furniture from Flood Waters

Flood waters can leave a lot of things soaking wet. It would take weeks to dry everything out at a normal rate, and that much time would leave everything vulnerable to mold, mildew and rot. The dry heat produced by a space heater rapidly dries everything out so that mold and mildew do not have time to cultivate and grow. Rot in wood floors will not develop either, although you have to be careful with how much heat you use so that the floorboards do not warp. 

Creating the Perfect Environment for Painting

Painting interior walls requires the right temperature and the right humidity if the paint is going to adhere to the walls and dry properly. If you are attempting to do some interior painting during times of the year where the weather and temperatures are not conducive to painting, a space heater is required to produce the right indoor environment. Placing the heater in either the center of the room or near the door to the room (blowing inward, not out) will help with the painting project. If you are painting hallways, particularly hallways that lead out of the front or back door, put a space heater on both ends of the hallway to reduce drafts and keep the hallway warm. 

Ensuring That the Space Heater Is Working Optimally in a Cold House

Sometimes home restorations occur when there is no electricity or heat functioning. If that is the case, you want lots of space heaters, and you want them all to be functioning properly. Some of the "work horse" space heaters have spare parts, like Mr. Heater parts for Mr. Heater space heaters, in which case you can replace parts in heaters to get them working optimally. Then you can continue to work on home restoration projects in places where heat and electricity are not currently turned on and working.

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