Protecting Your Family Against Lead Exposure

It is a reality that many materials and substances in your home that may pose a significant risk to your health. Sadly, lead is a material that can be surprisingly common in both homes and businesses. For this reason, learning more about this hazard material and the steps for protecting yourself against it can be invaluable.

1. Avoid Underestimating the Risks of Lead Exposure

There is a common assumption among some people that lead will only be a problem if they have small children in the home. While it is true that children's development can be impacted by exposure to lead, it can also cause significant health problems in adults. These can include damaging kidneys, brain tissue, and other essential organs. In reality, lead can be extremely harmful to anyone and there is no safe amount of exposure.

2. Understand the Need for Lead Testing

Individuals can be guilty of assuming that their home will not have lead in it due to it being a fairly new building. In reality, it can be impossible for you to know whether paint, pipes, or other components contain lead without testing them. Due to the considerable risks of being exposed to lead, it is almost always the prudent decision to have comprehensive lead testing done whenever you are buying a building or are living in a home that has not been tested for this substance. Generally, these testing services will not be very disruptive as they may only need to take a few samples from around the home. However, it might take up to a few days to a week for the results to be ready.

3. Avoid Attempting Lead Abatement on Your Own

If testing confirms the presence of lead in the home, prompt steps will be needed to eliminate this substance in a way that limits the risk of further exposure. When individuals attempt to remove the lead-containing products on their own, they can accidentally expose themselves to dangerous levels of this substance. As a result, they may compromise their health in their efforts to remove this substance. Luckily, lead abatement services can handle the testing and removal of lead products in the home. By working with these services, you can be sure that any lead in the home is found and safely removed so that the risk of further exposure to you or your family is kept as low as possible.

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