The Damage To Expect After A House Fire

A house fire can be a devastating thing to happen to any homeowner, due to all the damage that fire and smoke can cause in a home. Even if the fire is not big, the damage caused can be far-reaching and ruin things that you didn't think were possible. Here are some examples of how your home can be damaged by a fire.

Fire Damage

The obvious damage that will be caused is direct damage caused by the fire. This includes structural damage that was caused by flames burning construction materials, such as the flooring, walls, support beams, and things of that nature. While the damage caused directly by the fire may be small, the damage extends much further than that.

Water Damage

Firefighters are going to need to put out that fire as best as they can, with extinguishing the fire being their number one concern. All of that water used to extinguish the fire is going to create a significant amount of water damage. Walls and flooring are going to be soggy, appliances are going to be wet, and items not touched by the flames could be ruined as a result. 

Smoke Damage

The smoke that travels through your home is going to create a lasting effect in terms of an odor that is hard to remove. Smoke can penetrate construction materials throughout your entire home in some situations. This means that even if the area of the fire is restored, you could have an odor that is trapped inside drywall, floorboards, and other construction material. This could require stripping your home down to the studs to treat the construction materials for the odor. It's why a small fire can create astronomical repair costs to simply remove the odor.

Soot Damage

The fire will leave behind a layer of soot on almost everything in your home that was exposed. This will cause things to be damaged that were exposed to the air and allowed the soot to collect on the surface. For example, anything made out of plastic is going to be discolored permanently by the soot that collected on the surface and penetrated into the plastic. Electronic devices are going to have soot go inside the item and allow the corrosive material to ruin the metal components. 

If you experienced a house fire, you'll need to work with a fire damage restoration company to help restore your home to how it was before the fire occurred. 

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