The Basics Of Refrigerated Trailer Maintenance

For commercial truck drivers, refrigerated trailer loads can be one of the higher paying loads to book. Unfortunately, in order for you to consistently secure those loads, you need to have refrigerated trailers that are dependable, cared for, and in good condition. If you're new to this industry, you need to understand how to maintain those trailers. Here is what you need to know in order to properly maintain your refrigerated trailers.

Exterior Maintenance

Keeping your refrigerated trailer in good shape starts with exterior maintenance. Take time to look over the outside of the trailer to be sure that it's free of any damage. There should be no holes, dents, or other issues.

You also need to inspect all of the lines. Make sure that you replace any lines that are dry, cracked, or otherwise damaged. If the lines are damaged, the trailer won't be able to maintain the pressure necessary to keep the cooling system working as it should.

You'll also want to replace any fittings that appear worn. The fittings can loosen and wear over time, leading to leaks that threaten the integrity of the system pressure.

Interior Maintenance

Examine the interior of the trailer and look for any physical damage to the interior walls. Patch any damage to prevent insulation loss. You should also conduct a pressure test in the system to ensure that the cooling system is maintaining the right pressure to keep the trailer cool. Test the temperature, ideally with a real-time monitoring thermometer. 

Check and clean the evaporator coils. They should be free of debris and buildup at all times to prevent the coils from freezing and malfunctioning. Make sure that the drain lines are flowing and free of clogs. 

Professional Maintenance

Many trailer service and maintenance companies offer service contracts that will provide you with ongoing professional maintenance at the recommended intervals for your refrigerated trailer. You may find it easiest to sign a maintenance contract and have your trailers maintained professionally to ensure that the work is done right and you have trailers that you can rely on consistently for your loads.

Trailer maintenance is essential for refrigerator trailers. You need to keep your trailers maintained to keep the temperature consistent, which protects the loads that you transport. Use these tips and talk with a trailer maintenance care company like A 24-7 Repair Services as soon as possible to establish your maintenance plan and schedule.

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