Subtle Health Problems Caused By Mold

When you cough or sneeze, you might think that this is a result of mold in your home. However, there are other subtle health problems that can result from having too much mold in your home. All homes contain some mold, but if your home has an excessive amount of mold as a result of moisture problems, your mold will need to be removed to protect your health.

Sick Building Syndrome

Mold is believed by some experts to contribute to "sick building syndrome" (SBS). SBS is when those who work or live within a building become ill as a result. Those who suffer from this condition might experience neurotoxic syndromes. This can lead to depression, anxiety, and impaired mental function. Those who suffer from this condition might suffer from headaches and may even suffer from brain damage in extreme circumstances. Children might experience behavioral problems. Adults might experience impaired sexual function.

Neurotoxic Syndrome

In addition to neurotoxic syndromes, SBS sometimes leads to smell and taste sensations, such as a metallic taste in your mouth. Those within the building typically report experiencing general malaise, which is a feeling of being sick. If you are suffering from SBS as a result of mold, you may feel better not long after you leave the building.

Cognitive Decline

If you are suffering from a mold illness, you might notice that you're struggling to focus. You might experience brain fog and memory problems. For example, you might read a sentence several times before you're able to understand it. You might notice hours fly by because you are not as productive. You might also wake up feeling tired and go to bed exhausted.

Pain and Discomfort

Mold can cause pain and discomfort throughout the body. Many who have mold in their homes experience tingling and numbness. You might also experience muscle aches, cramping, and pain in your joints.

The symptoms of illness caused by mold can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint. You should visit the doctor for a checkup because many of the symptoms of mold illness are also symptoms of other problems. However, if mold is possibly the cause of your health problems, you'll want to turn to a mold removal specialist. Trying to remove mold yourself can backfire if you are not able to remove all of it effectively and it grows back. Also, you'll need to eliminate the conditions that lead to the mold problem in the first place.

Reach out to a mold removal service today.

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