Want To Avoid Replacing Damage Countertops? Hire Restoration Professionals

You have damaged commercial countertops, but that does not mean you automatically need to get rid of them and spend lots of money on new ones. Replacing the countertops inside your establishment could cost you a lot more than you want to pay. If you are serious about getting the countertops to look a lot better while still saving some money, hire the countertop restoration contractors. The experienced repair contractors can assess the different types of damage to your countertops and then use various techniques to repair and restore them.

Filling in Cuts and Holes

Cuts and holes tend to appear on commercial countertops because people are always using them. It is more common to find these cuts and punctures on restaurant countertops because there is often a lot of slicing and chopping going on. When you have holes and cuts of all sizes on different parts of the countertops, you probably think there is no way to save them or even get them to look decent again. Countertop repair contractors can work on filling these holes and cuts with pieces of countertop materials that match correctly with the specific style of your countertops. The experts may need to use an epoxy to fill in some of the areas before sealing the countertops to keep them protected from future damage.

Fixing Burn Marks

Burns can appear on countertops when hot items get put on them for too long. These marks can lead to spots of discoloration. If you think the burn marks are taking away from the beauty of your commercial countertops, the contractors will restore them. They may start by scrubbing the countertops with an abrasive cleaning product to see if it can help remove some burnt residue. After wiping the countertops down with the cleansing products, the experts may then use a handheld sander for sanding different sections of your countertop. Scrubbing, sanding, and filling with a potent resin compound are the three most common steps followed when getting rid of unsightly burn marks. 

When the damage to your commercial countertops is bothering you because it is such an eyesore, hire skilled contractors to fix those countertops instead of paying for new ones. Your countertops will end up looking new when the experts finish working on them. It does not matter if you have deep cuts, superficial scratches, burn marks, or other types of damage to your countertops. After assessing the damage, the countertop repair contractors will explain the steps they plan on taking to restore your countertops. Look for professionals who provide onsite damaged countertop repair to learn more. 

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