Two Methods For Basement Wall Waterproofing

A wet basement can be a major annoyance. You can't use the basement for storage or as a recreation room when it gets wet after a rain or when it always has a musty odor. Waterproofing is the solution, but first, you need to understand what's causing the walls to be wet. Then a basement waterproofing contractor can help you choose the right method for keeping your space dry. Here are two ways to approach basement wall waterproofing.

1. From The Inside

If you don't have a lot of money to spend, and you're okay with the risk that the waterproofing methods might not be permanent, then interior wall waterproofing might be the solution. The contractor may fill cracks with hydraulic cement so water stops leaking through cracks. They might also apply a coating to the wall.

There are different coatings to choose from, and some are higher quality and longer lasting than others. Some coatings have to be applied to bare concrete, so if the wall is painted, the paint has to be sandblasted off first. These coatings go on like thick paint and dry to form a waterproof barrier that keeps water from leaking through the concrete wall.

Another interior waterproofing method for walls is to apply a waterproof membrane to the walls. This doesn't stop water from seeping through, so the membrane has to be combined with a floor drain that collects the water and sends it to a sump pump. Although water still leaks through the concrete, the membrane blocks the water from entering the basement so the things you store in the space stay dry.

2. From The Outside

Waterproofing the basement walls from the outside is a more expensive project since the dirt near your house has to be dug away to expose the basement walls. However, this type of basement waterproofing is permanent and keeps water from leaking through the concrete so a wet basement is no longer a problem.

An exterior wall is waterproofed with a coating that's painted on or with a membrane that's attached. A drain is usually installed too so water can fall into the drain and be taken away from your house. Exterior basement wall waterproofing is an effective and high-quality way to protect your home and foundation.

While some interior waterproofing methods are also quite effective and a good option to consider, you may want to avoid inexpensive coatings unless that's all you can afford at the time because they might not last a long time. A waterproofing contractor can help you choose the best method for keeping your basement dry so you eliminate musty odors and have a dry space for storage or to use as an extra room for your home.

If you're interested in tackling this project, contact a local basement wall waterproofing service. 

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