Conquering Smoke Damage: What Will The Restoration Contractors Need To Do?

Fires are devasting when they rip through different buildings, including homes that people have worked hard to maintain. Not only does fire do a lot of damage, but it leaves smoke and soot behind. If you have some smoke damage in the home, use restoration services to get immediate assistance.

Use Soot Sponges on Different Surfaces

A soot sponge might not look like much, but it is a piece of handy equipment that restoration contractors often use when they need to help restore a home with smoke damage. The sponges are made from a cellulose material and are safe to use on different surfaces without causing scratches and additional damage. The contractors may use damp soot sponges before wiping away at walls, counter space, and even hardwood floors.

Clean the Property With a Smoke and Soot Cleanser

The contractors have access to gallons of cleaning products that safely remove smoke residue from properties. The types of cleansers they will use will depend on which parts of the home need restoring the most. If you have a lot of soot on the walls, the contractors can use a wall wash cleanser known for lifting those smoke stains and removing some odors. There are also products available for use on hardwood floors, carpeted floors, and many other surfaces.

Run an Air Scrubber in Each Room

While getting rid of the soot left behind from all the smoke is a significant priority, the contractors also want to get rid of that smoke odor in the home. The smoke odor makes it hard to breathe and can easily trigger an attack for people with asthma. Bringing air scrubbers and setting them up inside different rooms is an efficient way to clean the air and kill the odor that lingers for way too long after a fire.

Remove Clothes From the Building and Take Them to the Dry Cleaners

If the fire did not ruin clothes, there might be a smoke scent to them with some soot on them. If these clothes are essential to you, the contractors can collect them and put them in containers before taking them to the dry cleaners. A professional can work on taking the odor out of the clothes and then carefully washing them without destroying them. It is a lot better than having to pay for an entirely new wardrobe.

Restoration contractors often take these specific steps to conquer smoke damage and help homeowners get back to normal as fast as they can. No one should have to come back to a home full of soot and smoke odor, and that is the very reason smoke damage restoration services are ready to help.

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