Three Services That A Tower Clock Repair Company Can Do For Your Town's Broken Clock

Your town may have a tower clock that is no longer working. Perhaps the clock is old and there are those who want to remove it but there are others that want to see it restored. Or maybe the tower or building is in good condition but the clock is not working. The good news is that there are businesses that specialize in repairing them and other services as well. The following are just a few things they can do for you.

They can locate parts needed for repair

There are many manufacturers of tower type clocks, and sometimes the parts are hard to find. Some companies may no longer be in business. A repair company with many years of experience can troubleshoot the problem with a clock and determine if one or more parts need to be replaced, but they can also locate the necessary parts and replace the defective ones.

They can access the exterior of the clock

Servicing the interior of a tower clock is about knowledge of the clocks as well as safety in repairing them. But often the safety issue becomes more critical for the exterior of the clock. If the clock is part of a large building, a technician may have to use rock climbing equipment and rappelling techniques to access the clock from the roof of the building. This may be needed for repairs to the surface of the clock and the hands of the clock.

They can restore a variety of clocks and provide cost estimates

If your tower clock is old but you are considering a restoration project, a technician can look at the clock and give you an estimate for the cost of restoration. Most of this will be the mechanical aspect of the clock, but there are exterior restoration services that can be done as well. If your clock is old, a good tower clock repair and restoration company will be familiar with all manufacturers and models, even older ones that are no longer in production. With an estimate for restoration, you will be better informed and can decide if your town wants to go forward with the project.

If you have a broken tower clock in your town, you may be unsure what to do about it. But there are companies that provide many services for these clocks. They can repair a variety of clocks made by many companies. Old clocks manufactured by companies that are no longer in existence can still be repaired. Repair companies know how to procure rare parts. They can make repairs on both the interior and exterior of the clock, and if you are looking to restore an old tower clock, they can provide estimates and do all of the work related to the clock.

To learn more, contact a tower clock repair company.

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