Two Tips To Follow If You Need To Fix Up A Secondhand Mobile Dog-Grooming Trailer

Secondhand mobile grooming trailers are usually a lot cheaper than new grooming trailers; however, they often need to undergo substantial restoration work before their owners can use them. If this is the case with the used mobile grooming trailer that you've bought for your new dog-grooming business, you will probably find these tips quite informative.

Add a waterproof membrane to the trailer's floors

It is very important to tear out the old flooring that is currently in the trailer and to then add a waterproof membrane to the base underneath it before you fit any new flooring materials. The reason for this is that bathing your customers' dogs will result in your trailer's floor getting very wet on a regular basis. A lot of dogs thrash about when being groomed and will often try to jump out of the bath, mid-wash, and end up leaving sudsy, muddy puddles on the floor. Furthermore, many dogs instinctively shake themselves vigorously after having baths, which can result in water droplets being propelled onto the floor by their movements. Lastly, dogs who are terrified of going to the groomer will often urinate as they're being lifted in and out of the tub, due to their nervousness.

If your trailer's floor does not have a waterproof membrane underneath it, all of these puddles of fluid may pass through the flooring materials and reach the trailer's floorboards. If these pieces of wood regularly go through the process of getting saturated and then drying out, they could warp and the floor may become uneven. An unlevel floor could be uncomfortable to stand on whilst you're working and might cause any grooming products you leave on your benches or tables to slide off them (as this furniture may tilt if it's on an uneven surface). However, by adding a waterproof membrane to the trailer floor, you can protect it from these fluids and stop these problems from happening.

Fix any loose or worn sealant around the window's trailers

If the sealant that keeps your trailer's window in place has deteriorated, you must get this removed and have a repairperson put some fresh sealant around the affected window. The reason for this is that lots of dogs dislike getting bathed. Some of the more boisterous or frightened pooches who are determined not to get washed might attempt to bolt if they spot an exit. If your trailer's window is partially detached as a result of the degraded sealant and a dog leaps towards it, they could knock it out of the frame, leap through this hole, and escape.

If you lose one of your customer's dogs or if they get hurt during their escape attempt, your dog-grooming business will not survive. As such, it is vital to ensure that the trailer's windows are secured with some fresh sealant that will keep them firmly in place.

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