Problems Your Hydraulic Equipment Can Experience

Hydraulic systems can be essential for businesses that will need to move extremely heavy or large items. Unfortunately, hydraulic systems can also malfunction, which will need to be addressed if your equipment is to remain functional.

Faulty Seals

Problems with the seals of the hydraulic system can be one of the most noticeable problems that you experience. If these seals fail, they will be able to allow large amounts of the hydraulic fluid to leak out of the system. This can result in the system suffering major performance problems. Additionally, this lack of pressure and fluid can also potentially damage the system, which could be far more expensive to address. Periodically checking the hydraulic seals can allow for a variety of problems with them to be found.

Compromised Hydraulic Fluid

In addition to ensuring that there is enough hydraulic fluid in the system, you will also want to be sure that it is in good condition. If the hydraulic fluid breaks down, it will no longer be able to provide the performance that your hydraulic equipment needs. While hydraulic fluid can be extremely durable, it is possible for it to degrade as a result of a few issues. Excessive heat can be a major contributing factor to the hydraulic fluid breaking down, which is an important reason for monitoring the temperature of your hydraulic systems. In addition to excessive heat, it can be possible for water to seep into the hydraulic system, which can dilute the hydraulic fluid.


To withstand the intense pressures that are generated by hydraulic systems, strong metals will be used in the construction of these devices. Unfortunately, corrosion can be a concern for these systems. If corrosion develops on the moving parts of the system, it can weaken them enough that they may break. Additionally, many metals will actually increase in size when they corrode, which could lead to the moving parts no longer fitting together. If you notice that corrosion is forming on the equipment, a hydraulic cylinder repair contractor will be needed to remove the corrosion and coat the metal so that it will be protected against corrosion returning.

Maintaining your company's hydraulic equipment and systems will require you to have a relatively solid understanding of the types of problems that this equipment can be the most likely to encounter. Appreciating the problems that issues with the seals could cause, the importance of ensuring the hydraulic fluid remains in good condition, and the problems that corrosion can cause will help you if you encounter these common issues.

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