Does It Matter Which Stone You Choose For A Countertop?

You have so many choices for stone countertop materials now that figuring out what to get can be a bit overwhelming. Does it really matter what countertop stone you get? Of course it matters; the real question is which characteristics are most important to you and thus matter the most. If you concentrate on the wrong issues, the stone you get might not end up being the one that's really right for you and your kitchen. When you start to remodel your home and need to choose a countertop material, go past the obvious like looks and cost.

Maintenance Needs and Effort

Maintenance is a major consideration. Not all stone is maintenance free. Granite, for example, needs periodic re-sealing, and if something scratches the surface, you'll need to have that part re-sealed again, if not filled in. Even quartz can be scratched. You'll also need to find out which cleaners can be used on stone types and how to handle stain removal. While stone is a fairly easy material to deal with daily -- a mild cleanser and rinsing with water go a long way toward general cleaning for most types -- you do want to be sure that any deep cleaning you do won't damage the material or protective coatings. So, if you want something that's very easy to care for, looking at a stone like quartz instead of granite might be better. If you tend to clean a lot anyway and use gentle cleansers, granite might be just fine. There are additional options, too; those two are just examples.

Stone lasts a long, long time if you care for it. But because some stones need more maintenance in the meantime, skimping on that maintenance could lead to more problems earlier than you'd expect, such as staining and damage. Talk to the stonework services you have hired to find out what maintenance you will need to do.

Countertop Colors and Repairs/Replacements

Another issue is the color of the countertop -- and the pattern of the stone -- and what you'd need to do if you had to repair or replace part of the countertop. Stone comes in many different colors and patterns, but it's very common for materials like granite to come in mottled patterns where none of the stone has been dyed. If you have to repair a section of the countertop, such as major chip at one end, you could end up with a mismatched pattern. Looking at stones that are available in solid colors, or looking at stones that can be dyed, may be better for you.

Another issue is cleanliness; no matter what stone material you get, if you get one with a mottled or darker pattern, it can "hide" crumbs and dirt, which is not helpful if you live in an area with insect problems.

Appearance and cost are definitely considerations. However, maintenance, how well the stone will hold up over time, and other issues can make even the best-looking stone become unwelcome in your kitchen. When you contact stonework companies, you'll be able to look at samples of stone types and see pictures of how those stones look when actually installed.

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