5 Reasons To Get Your Door Professionally Installed

If you are thinking of doing some DIY, door installation is probably not the place to start. Doors can be time-consuming and tricky to install. Here are five reasons you should probably leave the job to the professionals : 

1. Balance: 

A door has to be precisely balanced when it is installed. Whatever kind of door you are working with, whether a simple door between rooms, a garage door, or an outside door, it needs to fit neatly and exactly in the door frame to avoid drafts and sticking. If a door is not properly balanced, it won't shut all the way or will jam when you shut it. A professional knows how to balance a door in the frame for a nice clean fit. 

2. A Good Seal: 

If you are dealing with a door that leads outside or down to a cellar or basement, you will probably want a weather-strip to keep cold air out and warm air in (or the other way around). Weather-strips that are poorly installed won't do their job properly, and you can lose a lot of heat or cool air and drive up your utility bill. A weather-strip should fit snugly against the door and into the frame. Some doors inside the house can also benefit from a seal called an acoustic strip if you are trying to dampen noises between rooms; a professional can help you install the right kind of seal for your door and save you from future problems. 

3. Safety: 

Hanging a door can be dangerous since you are dealing with a heavy object and power tools at the same time. Installing a door usually takes two people and is much safer when you know what you are doing. Having a door improperly installed could also put you at a higher risk of break-ins since the door might not lock or close correctly. A professionally installed door is likely to be more secure. 

4. Avoid Damage: 

A nice new door can easily become scraped up when you are trying to position it. Not only can you easily damage your door, bu you can also hurt the door frame and your wall if you are not careful. Relying on the expertise of a professional could save you time or money in the long run. 

5. A Professional Look:

When all is said and done, the finished product might swing smoother, seal tighter, and look better if you hire someone to hang your door for you.  

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