Five Signs That You Need Foundation Repair

Your home's foundation is designed to support the structure and keep the bottom of the house from sinking into the ground. Problems with your foundation could result in many damages to your home that may be expensive to fix. Here are five signs that you need foundation repair.

1. House Sinking

One of the most obvious signs of a failing foundation is a house that begins to sink into the ground. By doing a visual inspection of your home's exterior, you can check to see if part of your house looks to be lifted while the rest of your home appears to be sinking.

2. Cracks or Wearing

If you see cracks in your foundation or notice that it looks worn, you should hire some foundation repair contractors to fix the damage. These foundation repair specialists can also inspect your home's foundation more thoroughly to look for factors that might be causing the cracks or wearing that could indicate further underlying damage.

3. Floor Unevenness

Any unusual bumps, sloping, or other types of unevenness in your floors could be signs of foundation problems. However, other problems with your floors may also be causing the unevenness, but it will still be smart to have your foundation inspected by experienced home foundation repair contractors to rule out any foundation problems.

4. Problems with Walls

A failing foundation can put greater strain on your home's walls and lead to bigger problems. You should check your walls to see if they are bowing inward or outward. Walls that separate from your foundation or other structures of your home can also indicate that your foundation is in trouble. Unusual wrinkles or folds in your walls are other concerning signs. Another way to look for problems with your wall that could be caused by a failing foundation is to check any wallpaper that you have on your walls for unusual rips or creases.

5. Water Leakage

Water leakage can be caused by many things, but you should have your home's foundation inspected by professionals if you discover water leaks in or around your home that have no apparent cause. When foundation damage has occurred, water can often be seen leaking into the basement. You may also discover problems with your foundation by doing a visual inspection around the outside of your home to look for pools of water that have formed for no apparent reason when the weather has been dry.

A damaged foundation can wreak havoc on the rest of your home and should be addressed as soon as possible. Foundation repair professionals are available to do all the work of repairing your foundation so that you'll be able to keep your home intact. For more information about foundation repair, contact a local repair service.

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