3 Hazards Associated With Not Drying Out Flooded Floors Fast

Drying out your house quickly after it's been flooded with water is extremely important. Water does a lot of damage in a short time, and the longer water is on your floor, the worse the damage will be. It's best to call a water damage restoration service for help as soon as you can. Here are some hazards of having standing water in your house, even if there isn't a lot of water.

1. The Humidity Causes Mold To Grow

Mold can grow in just a couple of days when your home is wet. Even if the carpet is just soggy, that could be enough moisture to cause mold to grow on your walls and furniture. Having to remove mold just compounds your problems.

Mold will be a threat until the water is gone and your home is dry. Just removing standing water isn't enough. The water damage restoration service will probably bring in commercial fans and dryers to dry moisture out of flooring and walls.

2. The Water Becomes Contaminated

Even if the flood is caused by a leaky water supply pipe, you don't have to worry about contamination if you clean up the water right away. The longer the water sits and stagnates, the more contaminated it becomes.

It may even get to where it isn't safe to dry out your house without wearing protective gear to protect yourself from bacteria growing in the old water. If the flood was caused by water from outdoors or a sewer line, it's toxic as soon as the incident happens and will get even more dangerous with time.

3. The Structure Of Your Home Is In Danger

Depending on where the flood is and how much water is involved, the structure of your house could be in danger. This might happen due to wood soaking up water and swelling or rotting.

Drywall soaks up water like a sponge and will probably need to be replaced if it gets wet. Other parts of your home's structure might also be affected if the water isn't dried out fast, and that means building materials will need to be replaced. That adds to the cost of the water damage restoration.

It may seem hopeless when you look around and see water covering the floors of your home, but if you take quick action, you can save your home with the help of professionals and their commercial equipment. Water can be pumped out of your house if necessary, and the crew can use water extraction equipment to get rid of all visible water.

Then the service might set up dehumidifiers and fans to pull moisture out of the air too. In some cases, it might be necessary to remove wet building materials and furniture that can't be dried out fast. The quicker you get help, the easier it will be to prevent extensive damage.

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