4 Signs Your Epoxy Floor Needs Repair

You see and walk on your epoxy floor every day, but you probably do not give it the care it deserves. Although the floor may not be high on your home improvement schedule, it is integral to the overall aesthetics of your home. So what happens when your epoxy flooring starts to fail? Among other things, the integrity of the floor may never be the same, and the once-appealing floor appearance will fade away. Here are the four signs that your epoxy floor needs some work.

1. Cracked Epoxy Floor

Cracks are probably the most obvious signs your epoxy flooring is failing. Even seemingly small cracks could mean trouble for your floor; do not ignore them. But what causes cracks on epoxy floors? The cracks on your floor might have been caused by point load, foundation shift, or falling heavy objects. Cracks can also develop when your floor bubbles due to damp conditions. When you place a heavy object on bubbles, the epoxy floor may crack. Do not try to fix the crack yourself; you may make mistakes that could ruin the overall appearance of your floor. Your best chance is to entrust the repair tasks to a professional epoxy flooring contractor.

2. Blistering

Does your epoxy floor have blisters? This happens through the process of outgassing, where trapped gasses from the underlying floor are released into the epoxy floor. If you notice this problem shortly after installation, it probably arose due to installation flaws, especially if you hired an inexperienced person for the installation project. This makes it more important to enlist a highly-skilled epoxy flooring expert right from the beginning. But if your floor has blisters after installation, do not hesitate to seek repair services to ensure it is attractive and durable.

3. Peeling Floor                                       

Peeling is another sign that your epoxy floor needs repair. Besides being an eyesore, a peeling epoxy floor exposes your underlying floor to damage. It typically happens due to old age or installation mistakes. You need to seek immediate repair to avoid additional repair costs and preserve the integrity of the underlying floor.

4. Discoloration

A new epoxy floor looks bright, smooth, and beautiful. The attractive shade may fade away with time and be replaced with a dull and dirty look. This is especially true if your floor is exposed to sunlight. But worry not. This problem can be fixed. You just need to call a renowned epoxy floor repair expert, and they will restore your floor to its former glory.

If any of the above signs sound familiar, do not allow the damage to escalate further. Call an experienced epoxy floor repair expert to fix the issues efficiently and correctly. Your epoxy floor will look stunning again.

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